System Super 1.5QS Freestanding Cyc Wall w/ 18-inch Cove

Our most compact Freestanding system with 18" radius and Expanded Corner option

18” Vertical Radius, 24” Horizontal Radius with 12” Flat Expansion in Corner

With the increase in the number of smaller virtual studios being installed around the world, the demand for Pro Cyc’s freestanding System 1.5FS has been on the rise. In reaction to this growing trend, we developed our new System Super 1.5QS freestanding cyclorama cyc wall made out of High-Impact ABS Plastic. This is the same tried-and-true material Pro Cyc uses to make System Super 1.5EZ, System 3EZ, System Super 3EZ, System 4BI, System 4FS and System 4QS.

The advantages of System Super 1.5QS are as follows:

  • System Super 1.5QS seamless cyc wall modules are easier to install because they include pre-drilled holes for quick assembly.
  • System Super 1.5QS includes a 12” flat expansion in the middle of the 24” horizontal corner radius. This makes consistent lighting easier and sound reflection management is less of a concern

Freestanding System Super 1.5QS allows you to build a seamless cyclorama wall anywhere in your studio with very little invasive construction. The transition from floor to wall is smooth and requires very little space. Because the corner is non-parabolic with a 12” flat center expansion, it reduces noise reflection and provides a longer sweep horizontally for smoother lighting. However, because of the small radius this cyc may not be the solution for everyone. Please give us a call if you are not familiar with its applications.

All of the modules in System Super 1.5QS are trimmed and ready to assemble and install. The floor cove modules have the patented tapered edge for an even transition to adjacent surfaces. This creates an absolutely seamless joint after taping and mudding.

*Pro Cyc Installation is available for this system

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