Cyclorama Green Screen Installation

You have found the right cyc wall for your space and needs—now it’s time to install it and start using it. All of Pro Cyc’s parts are made on precision molds, and every part is shaped to exact measurements and matches every other part of the system. Our cyclorama green screen installation is easy to handle on your own with our manuals so that you do not need to stress about putting your new cyclorama wall together. Our studios can be used, moved, and reinstalled as often as you move or change your mind, and our parts are virtually indestructible. Pro Cyc’s installation instructions are easy to follow, and we highly recommend that you self-install. Minimal experience and handy-man capabilities are required, and most cycloramas can be installed in three or four days.

As long as you have a relatively flat area, you can install your cyc wall system just about anywhere. With proper treatment and care, your Pro Cyc system can be installed anywhere, including underwater. Whether your studio is freestanding or built-in, our installation instructions will allow you to place your studio exactly where needed to create beautiful pieces. We include an instructional manual with every system so that, no matter who is installing your studio, it will come together quickly, easily, and as perfectly as possible. We have perfected our manuals to be easy to follow, and they include the schematics and installation instructions. These are important for anyone who is installing your system to have to ensure that your studio turns out as perfectly as it was meant to.

Once you have chosen Pro Cyc to provide your studio system, you will need to choose who will handle your cyclorama green screen installation. As mentioned above, we have provided thorough installation instructions for each cyc wall system and strongly recommend that you find a local contractor or handyman with drywall or sheetrock experience to install your studio. However, as a last resort, Pro Cyc can send Fritz von Tagen (Pro Cyc’s owner) to work with your installer at a price of $1,000.00 per day ($500.00 per day for travel days) plus expenses—but we really do recommend that you avoid this unnecessary expenditure. Please contact us if you have questions or need clarification on any aspect of your installation. We are always available to help.


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