Customer Reviews

Paul Lacombe
Creative Director

Pro Cyc is one of the easiest decisions to make when you are purchasing a virtual studio setup. The cyclorama can be modular and can be installed as a temporary solution and reused multiple times, or you can build it permanently into your studio. We’ve been working with Pro Cyc for almost 30 years. For me it’s the easiest decision to make because there is no competition.

Ron Ungerman
Senior Technician and Product Specialist

Most cycs, even when properly lit, tend to have problems with seams showing between the wall and cove. Pro Cyc doesn’t have those problems. I think Pro Cyc is the fastest, easiest, and by far the best hard cyc for today’s virtual reality software and hardware.


Chris Mollomo
Manager, Virtual Design Group
Ross Video

Pro Cyc is our preferred partner for all the cycs that we install. Their cycs are second to none and they have a custom paint that provides great chroma key. We’ve had many installs around the world and Pro Cyc has always been reliable and always on schedule. Pro Cyc’s team is fantastic and great to work with.

Bill Caps
Senior Systems Integrator
Barbizon Lighting

It has been my pleasure to work with Pro Cyc over several decades.  The superb quality of their product line and the high level of their customer service is evident in all my dealings with them.  They have been, and will continue to be, a go-to manufacturer for my video studio installation work.

Kuban Altan
VP of Research & Development
Zero Density

We have used Pro Cyc multiple times in our demonstrations because [their cycs] provides a very accurate green screen that we need to showcase our products.

Derek Cook

My experience with working with Pro Cyc has been excellent. It’s good to speak to professionals that not only know their products, but know the industry and how a Pro Cyc should be used. I guess I am biased because I have been in the industry for over two decades and have formed a great relationship with Pro Cyc. It is great to watch a company grow to perfection.