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Shooting on a Green Screen: Does the Type of Green Matter? As creative visual artists, we’ve all stood before the iconic ‘green screen,’ camera at the ready, counting down to that […]
Shooting on a Green Screen: Tips to Not Look “Low Budget” Greetings, fellow creators of visuals, dreamers in pixels, and wizards of the lens! Today we’ll delve into the ubiquitous world […]
Choosing between Green Screen Paint and Green Screen Flooring Material: Factors to Consider Green screen technology has become a staple in the video production industry. It allows videographers and video editors to create […]
8 Tips To Improve Your Green Screen Results A green screen background is a powerful tool for photographers and videographers. It allows you to add a virtual backdrop, […]
Varjo selects Pro Cyc Virtual Green® Chroma Key Paint for their Mixed Reality Virtual Production Studio Pro Cyc: Tell us about Varjo and your background? Mike Carmody: Varjo is a VR/XR company building headsets, mostly for […]
Building a Pro Cyc Virtual Production Studio with Alex Pearce, Partner & Senior Creative Technologist , Light Sail VR. Pro Cyc: It’s great to connect with you Alex. We are excited to hear about your new studio project! Let’s […]
Virtual Production Music Video for von Tagen Brothers, Paul Lacombe, DisruptAR, Pro Cyc Chroma Key Pro Cyc: Welcome Tyler von Tagen (lead singer, von Tagen Brothers band) and Paul Lacombe, CEO DisruptAR to learn about […]
Pro Cyc teams up with Paul LaCombe, DisruptAR, and Panasonic to power Unreal Engine Virtual production studios Paul Lacombe, Founder and CEO, DisruptAR teamed up with Pro Cyc to create a new game-changing integrated virtual production studio […]