System 4FS Freestanding Cyc Wall w/ 42-Inch Cove

3'6" radius Freestanding system w/ Expanded Corner option

Cyc Systems

3’6” Radius Freestanding System With 45° Corner Design Features*

System 4FS is our state-of-the-art cyclorama system and adds an additional degree of configuration to the Pro Cyc line. The 45° corner allows for the construction of a diagonal performance area in a studio space. In addition, there is no longer a need to shy away from shooting in the corner as this configuration allows for excellent corner lighting. This corner is made up of two 45° corners placed together or separated by any number of Pro Cyc cove modules. The 45° corners have a 3’6” vertical radius and a 5’ horizontal radius which reduces the parabolic sound reflection common in symmetrical corner cycloramas (symmetrical cycs have 90-degree corners).

The freestanding cyc system eliminates the need for using or modifying an existing wall and allows users to easily move or add to their Pro Cyc System. In addition, this system can be used when there is a need for access behind the cyc for storage, thoroughfare, or grip work. The freestanding installation is also excellent when quick assembly is important.

System 4FS modules are drilled and trimmed for quick assembly. Modules attach directly to leg supports and require only minimal construction skills to assemble. Joints are finished with conventional user-supplied dry wall construction.

*Pro Cyc Installation is available for this system


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