System 3EZ - Built-in System w/ 42 inch radius

3'6" radius Built-in System with EZ Trim and 90° degree corner

3’6″ Radius Built-In System With EZ Trim*

Our first 42-inch radius system, and still one of the most affordable and popular systems, System 3EZ is specially designed for retrofitting into an existing wall or installing into a new wall. This basic system has a 90 degree corner and a generous 3’6” radius making this cyc easy to light consistently. It is designed for quick, yet permanent installation. System 3EZ can be found in many colleges, universities, and art institutes throughout the world.

Each System 3EZ module comes trimmed and drilled for easy assembly. The EZ trim lives up to its name and allows anyone with basic carpentry skills to install this system without invasive construction. The joints are then finished with conventional user supplied drywall construction.

*Pro Cyc Installation is available for this system

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