Virtual Set Studio

Virtual studios are the professional’s must-have production asset in today’s fast-changing video production landscape. These highly versatile, very efficient studios are the best practice option for top quality visual production. The common denominator for all virtual sets is the need for a seamless green screen background.  Pro Cyc has a complete range of these invaluable virtual studio backgrounds, and we can provide you with all the cyclorama materials, green screen paint and chroma key flooring you need.

Our products are used by America’s leading media production companies on a routine basis. Creating your own virtual set studio has never been easier than with our help.

Our virtual set backgrounds are designed to be easy to use, some are portable, and to provide the very best working environment for your production. This is an important factor, as one of the major concerns when choosing a virtual set option for your studio is making sure that it will do the job right. We manufacture our products to a rigorous set of specifications, ensuring that you will always get the best possible product for your needs.


Tabletop photo studios

Constructed of tough ABS plastic, our table top photography studio range includes a full spectrum of scalable miniature cyclorama options:

  • MyStudio®PS5 PortaStudio is a working studio which can do anything you want. It’s perfect for high definition photography, advanced lighting techniques and precision quality imagery for smaller products.
  • MyStudio® MS20 series- This range is designed to be used as a modular photo studio. This elegant, easy to configure portable photo studio set is ideal for professional commercial product photography.
  • MyStudio® VS53 VersaSweep is our biggest tabletop studio. This virtual studio can do anything. It’s ideal for demanding shots and multiple angles shooting. This tabletop is designed to manage complex shots, providing scope for creativity and production assets.
  • MyStudio® MS32 series-These tabletops are the expert’s choice for easy to manage, do-everything studio shooting. The MS32 series are typically used for high detail work for mid-sized items that won’t fit in the MS20 or PS5 portable photo studio.
  • MS20J- Designed for demanding jewelry photography, this very elegant, compact studio comes with 5000K continuous fluorescent lighting and tripod.


Parts and accessories

We also have all the parts and accessories you need, including:

  • Green screens
  • Colored backgrounds
  • Bounce cards
  • 5000K lighting bulbs
  • Lamp and bulb combo
  • Individual backgrounds from our tabletop studios
  • Tripods for professional quality shoots


Want some help to build a custom cyclorama?

If you’re looking to build a cyclorama and create your own custom virtual studio, we have it all for you. We can also provide all the expert support you need.

Talk to us about:

  • Construction
  • Setups
  • Lighting
  • Seamless cycloramas
  • Freestanding cycloramas
  • Cyclorama maintenance
  • System selection

Our experts will be happy to assist.

Note: You can also check out our Ask Fritz page for tips and advice.


Need to ask us about something?

We’re here to help. If you have any questions, need more information, or want some professional assistance with your purchase, just call us any time or contact us online. We’ll be happy to assist.