stYpe featured GreenKiller, the world’s most photorealistic live Chroma Keyer with Pro Cyc at NAB 2022

In this interview with Karlo Koprek, Project Manager,  stYpe, we cover their amazing broadcasting innovations featured at NAB 2022

What were you showcasing at NAB 2022 and how is it industry-changing?

Karlo Koprek –At NAB 2022 stYpe featured their GreenKiller, the world’s most photorealistic live Chroma Keyer. The degree to which natural shadows and reflections are preserved, the quality of liquids and hair keying is unseen before, simply astonishing.

How was the Pro Cyc System Super 1.5 QS used in the Stype NAB 2022 studio?

Karlo Koprek – For live shows, we aim to use the highest quality green screens – something that looks good and performs great. This is why we used the Pro Cyc System Super 1.5QS at our NAB booth. Even with minimal lighting it was easy to light evenly and the performance was amazing. We also had a lot of traffic on our booth and steps all over the green floor, so it was really helpful that the Pro Matte flooring is super easy to clean.

“For the last 5 years we had numerous high-profile events where we needed to make sure that the chroma key wall is on point. For trade shows, showrooms, live events or a new studio – Pro Cyc was always and will remain our go-to for chroma key walls.” – Karlo Koprek, Project Manager,  stYpe


Pro Cyc System Super 1.5QS:

The freestanding System Super 1.5QS allows you to build a seamless cyclorama wall anywhere in your studio with very little invasive construction. The transition from floor to wall is smooth and requires very little space. Because the corner is non-parabolic with a 12” flat center expansion, it reduces noise reflection and provides a longer sweep horizontally for smoother lighting.

Product Details: Pro Cyc System 1.5QS Freestanding Cyc Wall

Schematic of the Pro Cyc System Super 1.5QS:

The Pro Cyc System Super 1.5QS: can also come with an expanded corner.


How to Get Started to Design and Build your Virtual Production Studio?

The best way to get started to create your own virtual production studio is to gather your requirements for your studio vision, hardware and software. Stype features excellent information resources on their website to learn about virtual production solutions.

Next, measure your studio space and then Contact Pro Cyc to discuss you design requirements and available studio space. We will provide our expertise for the best Pro Cyc products and resources to help you and your design team.