GW60 Wall Mount Green Screen Background

Wall Mountable Green Screen Background, 60in. wide x 64in. high
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The GW60 wall mountable portable green screen features a 60-inch-wide by 64-inch-high piece of Pro Matte® IV professional grade chroma key green backdrop material with preinstalled brass grommets and includes adhesive fixtures that can be used to hang the green screen on any wall. It is designed for use primarily as a green screen chroma key background for one or two people where a complete floor sweep is not needed. The GW60 enables users to have a professional quality green screen at home, on location or in the studio within minutes. It is perfect for Zoom calls or similar virtual presentations, as well as higher end video productions where a “perfect” green screen background is required for the highest quality results.

The Pro Matte® IV Virtual Green® chroma key material that is used as the green screen background is the same seamless green screen material that is used as studio flooring in some of the largest green screen installations in the world, and is also used in Pro Cyc’s full-sweep portable green screen backgrounds, the PC80, PC160 and PC240 as well as on Pro Cyc’s smaller freestanding portable greenscreens, the GS80 and GS60. Like all of our products, the proprietary chroma key backdrop is manufactured in the USA and is completely seamless, extremely durable, has an extremely matte (non-glossy) finish, and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth and standard household cleaners like Fantastik®, 409® or regular soap and water. When finished, the green screen can be quickly and easily removed from the wall and rolled back up on the 8-inch diameter cardboard core on which it was shipped, and secured with two included Velcro straps for easy transportation.

The GW60 Portable Green Screen includes:

  • 60-inch-wide x 64-inch-high seamless piece of Pro Matte™ IV green screen material with preinstalled brass grommets
  • 3 heavy-duty wall hooks with peel-off adhesive backing
  • 4 Velcro “command strips” with peel-off adhesive backing
  • 2 30-inch Velcro straps

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