Pro Cyc at NAB 2022 with DisruptAR, Panasonic and Mo-Sys

April 2022: Pro Cyc showcased their modular cyclorama systems and professional green screen backgrounds for photography, video and virtual production studios through a live virtual set demo and a professional music video that was created entirely on a small portable green screen stage in a home studio.

The affordable virtual production system incorporated multiple sizes of Pro Cyc chromakey cyclorama walls, LED lighting, live virtual sets powered by DisruptAR’s Unreal Engine plugin. DisruptAR combined a Panasonic PTZ AW-UE150 camera and ENG camera on a jib encoded with Mo-Sys Star Tracker.

The music video for “Hall of Egress” by the von Tagen Brothers was shot entirely on a Pro Cyc chromakey in a garage using Unreal Engine. Two Pro Cyc portable chromakey screens, a PC-160 and a PC-80 were joined together to create a 14’ x 8’ two-wall green screen cyclorama. DisruptAR created the virtual set and handled all aspects of the video shoot. Equipment used included PTZ cameras by Panasonic and compositing with a Blackmagic Ultimatte 12 Keyer. Lighting was provided by Kinoflow.

Pro Cyc products used for the NAB 2022 virtual production showcase

System Super 5EZ 60-Inch Radius –

Pro Cyc Virtual Green Chroma Key Paint –

Panasonic partnered with DisruptAR and Pro Cyc to create a fresh, innovative, forward-thinking way to virtually communicate and connect with their audiences.

The goal was to take immersive storytelling to the next level through our pioneering production process. Mission accomplished: the results exceeded their wildest expectations.


This game-changing virtual production studio suite by Pro Cyc and DisruptAR aims to level the playing field to level-up content creators focused on corporate communications, training, education, virtual events and more.

Pro Cyc green screens were the studio standard used in many virtual production booths at NAB2022

Stype showcasing their new “Green Killer” chroma keyer on a free-standing Pro Cyc Cyclorama Wall.

Zero Density also showcased their virtual production technology on a Pro Cyc green screen, chroma key cyclorama background.

Pro Cyc showcased affordable and portable green screen studio backgrounds for the work-from home, gamer and live streaming and ecommerce content creators

The line of “PC” portable green screens can be scaled up in increments of 80 inches in width. The PC80 is 80 inches (6 ft. 8 in.) wide, portable 160-inch cyc screen is 13 ft. 4 in. wide while the PC240 is nearly 20 ft. wide. The new portable green screen series enables users to construct a professional quality green screen with a full wall-to-floor sweep on location or in the studio within minutes.

Each green screen is adjustable in height from 6 ft. up to over 10 ft. Utilizing our revolutionary Pro Matte™ IV Virtual Green™ flooring, we have achieved a seamless wall to floor cove transition that has heretofore been virtually impossible to accomplish without building a hard cyc. Pro Matte™ IV is extremely durable, has very low reflectance and is easily cleaned with standard household cleaners like Fantastik®, 409® or regular soap and water.

Blackmagic Designs used a Pro Cyc PC80 portable green screen for their NAB2022 virtual set demo

Pro Cyc Live Painting portable Virtual Set

The live painting demo was shot on a Pro Cyc PC160 portable green screen. Lighting by KinoFlo Lighting Systems .

GW60 Wall Mountable Portable Green Screen

The Pro Cyc GW60 wall mountable portable green screen features a 60in. wide by 64in. high piece of Pro Matte® IV professional grade chroma key green backdrop material with preinstalled brass grommets and includes adhesive fixtures that can be used to hang the green screen on any wall. It is designed for use primarily as a green screen chroma key background for one or two people where a complete floor sweep is not needed.


Pro Cyc Virtual Green® Chroma Key Paint, Cyclorama White™ Studio Paint

Pro Cyc sells a premium quality Cyclorama White™ paint created specially for seamless / infinity background applications.

Pro Cyc’s Virtual Green®  paint is the industry standard formulated specifically for use on cycloramas in virtual reality production studios – and it is the best possible color match for Pro Cyc’s Virtual Green® and Pro Matte® Flooring*


Virtual production studios are moving quickly into a new creative medium and affordable studio platform that will unlock creativity across all types of content creators. Great to see the innovations NAB Show 2022!

Feb 29 2024