Tips for Building a Professional Cyclorama Wall

Cyclorama walls, also called infinity walls, provide the illusion of a boundless, seamless, corner-free backdrop for film and photoshoots. On camera, cyclorama walls trick the eye, making the viewer think the subject or talent of the shoot is positioned or standing in a single-colored space. Cyclorama walls better accommodate lighting, remove distractions, and enable easy cropping and other editing of video and photos in postproduction. They also work well with green screen technology and the addition of special effects and graphics to the finished film. So, how can you get your hands on one? Here are several tips for building a professional cyclorama wall.

Build It Yourself (or Hire Someone Else To Do It)

If you have the space, time, money, and skilled contractor connections to build your own cyclorama wall, there are plenty of plans and videos online that will walk you through the steps. Creating a built-in infinity wall can be done, but the supplies and scheduling alone are complex, and the work can put a crimp in production by making the room temporarily off-limits. You’ll need to bust out the drywall on three sides of the room to reveal the studs beneath. Next, each corner needs wood support bends affixed to it from top to bottom, creating the framework for the curves that give a cyclorama its illusion of “infinity.”

Here’s the hard part: wetting down and bending the drywall to create those distinctive seamless curves, followed by crafting chicken wire and plaster to get those perfectly rounded corners. After applying joint compound (aka mud), letting it dry, and sanding and smoothing out all the imperfections, it’s time to paint everything with green screen or white studio paint. Estimated time for completion overall? A matter of days. Estimated costs for labor and supplies? Somewhere around a few thousand dollars.

Buy a ProCyc Cyclorama Wall Kit

Feeling like DIY isn’t the best way to go? One of the best tips for building a professional cyclorama wall is to consult our team. ProCyc offers several state-of-the-art modular cyclorama wall kits. Choose from our selection of modular cyclorama wall systems. We provide both freestanding and built-in walls that easily connect to one another. Available in assorted sizes, you can find a kit that fits neatly into your production space, whether you’re doing close-up photography or filming multiple subjects.

If you want to expand later, all kits are adjustable and can be disconnected and connected with new walls and coves. All ProCyc cyclorama walls are easy to clean and maintain and require only a few tools (two wrenches, a Phillips screwdriver, a mud knife, and some sandpaper) to build. Contact us to explore your options and receive a free quote on the right modular cyclorama system for you and your company or association.

May 27 2024