The Advantages of Using a Cyclorama Wall

Whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer or videographer, there are numerous benefits of having a cyclorama wall. Also known as an infinity wall, cyclorama walls are often white and made of a combination of plywood, fiberglass, and possibly drywall and are built with a slight curve that provides the on-camera illusion of an endless room. TV news and film studios also use cycloramas, which provide a multitude of opportunities to create special effects and more. Here’s a brief list of the advantages of using a cyclorama wall.

Cyclorama Walls Make It Easier To Take and Crop Photos

If you’re a professional photographer, you can appreciate a background that makes it easier to edit and otherwise manipulate photographs during the development or postproduction process. The smooth and seamless appearance of cyclorama walls allows you to shoot your subjects in front of a perfectly blank field. This comes in handy when you’re producing photos for online commerce or a magazine or catalog, simplifying things when you use Photoshop or other design programs to create layouts and the like.

Changing Angles and Positioning Is a Breeze

A cyclorama wall not only gives the illusion of a large room but also creates an easier space for you, your subject, and your camera to move around. A flat wall is a perfectly fine backdrop, but when it comes time to move things around, set up a new camera angle, and pose your subject or talent in a new position, things can get crowded. The curves in the walls open more space and allow you to change your camera’s angle while keeping the movement and fuss to a minimum.

Make Lighting More Effective

The brightness and reflectivity of cyclorama walls aid in spreading light more evenly across a studio. It helps to eliminate shadows as well and can put your subjects in their literal best light. When shadows do appear, they’re easily “cleaned up” with fill lights and backlights. Keep lighting soft and diffuse it by placing lights sources at a slight remove from the wall—avoid having them gang up to create “hotspots.” With blank backing, you can also set up lighting that creates different moods, from dark and dreary to bright and sunny, with no interference. Do your general lighting first, then adjust to create a better sense of contrast. Cyclorama walls give you the freedom to experiment.

Adding Special Effects

Cyclorama walls can be painted in chroma key green to permit the use of green screen special effects. This is one of the bigger advantages of using a cyclorama wall: the ability to make post-production magic. The smooth and seamless surface of an infinity wall enables you to create believable special effects, add computer graphics, perform virtual reality shoots, and so much more.

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Feb 29 2024