Shooting on a Green Screen: Tips on Styling and Wardrobe

If you’ve been considering buying a green screen or have recently purchased one for your filming needs, you might not be aware that there are certain things that you shouldn’t wear when in front of it. Some of you might know the basic things to avoid, but the list goes much deeper than that. This list of tips on styling and wardrobe for shooting on a green screen will be able to fill in the gaps on what to avoid wearing on camera.

Specific Colors

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first: don’t wear green! Unless you are going for a disembodied head look, you should absolutely avoid anything with a green tone. While some people have found success with darker greens, it’s best to simply avoid that hue altogether.

Another color to avoid is white. Due to all the lighting that high-quality productions use, white clothing can somewhat reflect the green backdrop when lights are bright enough, making you fade into the background. Off-white colors tend to fare better against these screens, but darker clothing is a safer bet when using them.

Most Patterns

One of the tips on styling and wardrobe for shooting on a green screen that many people don’t know about is that most patterned clothing is also a bad choice. This has less to do with the green screen itself and more to do with whatever work the editor will do to the video. But since green screens typically involve some level of editing, you should still avoid tight patterns.

The reason for this is that it typically creates a moiré effect that makes the lines of the pattern blur together. Large patterns that are more spread apart don’t usually have this happen, but it’s better to wear solid-colored clothing.

Reflective Objects

As we mentioned previously, you will likely have to deal with a lot of lighting while using a green screen. Because of that, particular objects such as jewelry and glasses will cause reflections that can mess up the background that you’re using the green screen for. Shiny articles of clothing can cause this to happen as well, so be aware of the attire you put on before getting in front of the camera.

Also, be sure to carry a small cloth with you because something as simple as a sweaty forehead can make this problem occur. No matter how composed you are, those bright lights will make you start sweating eventually.

Messy Hair

Finally, the biggest styling no-no for green screen usage is messy hairstyles. We’re sure you put a lot of effort into making your hair look perfect, so we don’t mean that it’s unkempt. We’re referring to hairstyles that are puffy or have strands of hair that stick out. Green screens tend to cut these off automatically, but even professional editors struggle to keep these in. The flatter your hair is, the better.

Now that you know what to avoid, if you need a portable green screen and haven’t found one yet, you should look through the ones we have in stock. Our professional-grade screens will be perfect for all your filming needs.

Feb 29 2024