Reasons Greenscreens Are Beneficial for Your Business

If you plan to produce a video for your company, organization, or association, consider the possibility of introducing greenscreen technology. Greenscreen allows for special effects and postproduction techniques that can make even a small business look like a big player. If you have video editing software that permits chroma key compositing, a digital camera, and a place to film, then all the perks of green =screen technology are in your grasp. Here are several reasons green screens are beneficial for your business.


You might have a nice office space, but the camera may not adequately translate that fact. Poor lighting, small spaces, reflective surfaces, and dull backgrounds look bad on screen, affecting how others perceive you. With a greenscreen you can virtually stand anywhere in front of any background, providing a better environment for your message and lending you greater presence and gravitas. You also have greater control over the lighting and sets, and unlike a real office shoot, it won’t interrupt daily business.

Highlight Your Brand

If you don’t want to pose in front of a virtual environment, consider the opportunities a blank background offers to showcase your brand. Keep your logo front and center, and project your various products and services behind you while you talk about them. Branding with a greenscreen ensures your audience remembers who was speaking to them and what you represent.

Bring the Fun

If appropriate, a greenscreen can lighten the mood. Entertain the audience by standing in faraway locales. Perform sight gags with computer animation. Add skits and other amusing elements to entertain viewers and bring likability and whimsy to your brand. Simply put, take advantage of greenscreen’s ability to disrupt monotony with engaging images.

Stay Under Budget

With a small investment in a camera, lighting, editing software, and setting up a studio dedicated to greenscreen shoots, you save money starting on day one. No need to travel to other locations. You don’t have to pay for studio time. Everything is virtual, so you don’t need to spend money on sets, props, or rebuilding past sets. Reshoots and follow-up videos are easier too because you control everything. You can even use a portable greenscreen background to shoot in other places. There’s no need to worry about the sunlight changing, cooperative weather, external noises, and other such things.

The Sky’s the Limit

One of the biggest reasons greenscreens are beneficial for your business is how they both challenge and inspire your originality and personal inventiveness. Ultimately, your use of greenscreen is only limited by your imagination. Did we say the sky’s the limit? Take your presentation into space if you want, or somewhere even more fantastic. Any especially creative, entertaining, and inspirational video has the potential to be shared by impressed clients which will hopefully help you gain even more who want to buy from you.

Feb 29 2024