System 1.5FS

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18" Radius For Freestanding Installation*

Our smallest radius cyclorama systems, System 1.5EZ and System 1.5FS were originally developed for use with Orad's Cyberset Pattern Recognition Technology. It allows you to begin your grid a mere 18” from the floor. With the development of new technology and limited studio space, this small cyclorama has found many more applications. System 1.5FS is a freestanding system, which eliminates the need for using a wall and it can be easily disassembled and reassembled in a new location. The transition from floor-to-wall and/or wall-to-wall is smooth and requires very little room. Because the corner is non-parabolic, it reduces noise reflection and provides a longer sweep horizontally for smoother lighting. However, because of it's smaller radius, this cyclorama is not the solution for everyone. Please give us a call if you are not familiar with its applications.

All of the floor cove modules are trimmed and the corner module is scribed for trimming. The flat 4’x4’ wall modules are drilled for easy assembly. All Pro Cyc modules have the patented tapered edge for an even transition to adjacent surfaces. This creates an absolutely seamless joint after conventional user supplied taping and mudding.

*Pro Cyc Certified Installation is available for this system


  • Corner Module: 90 degrees; 18" vertical radius; 24" horizontal radius
  • Cove Modules:
    • Floor cove - 18" radius x 4' or 2' wide
    • Vertical cove - 24" radius x 4' or 1' tall
  • Material: Fiberglass / Flat Panels are ABS Plastic
  • Freestanding installation only

Best Uses for System 1.5 FS:

  • If you are using Orad's Cyberset Pattern Recognition Technology
  • When space is at a premium, and lighting is full and technical
  • If access behind the cyc is needed
  • When there is a need to be able to easily disassemble and reassemble the cyc at different locations

Typical Users:

  • Photographers with small studio environments
  • Smaller TV studios
  • Production teams who need to quickly construct the cyc at various locations

Clients Who Use This Product:

  • Al Jazeera America
  • AOL Studios
  • BMTS Media Technology
  • FedEx
  • FOR.A Corporation
  • FOX Networks
  • HD Works
  • Hope Channel
  • Intel
  • Joplin High School
  • Lesley University
  • Met Life
  • MITRE Corporation
  • Nintendo of America
  • Old Dominion University
  • Open Society Institute
  • Rassmussen College
  • RTVI Television
  • Splash Media
  • Television Production Services
  • The Weather Channel
  • TV Globo Brazil
  • ViewPoint Creative
  • WUPA-TV Atlanta
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