Differences Between Green Screens and White Cyc Walls

When doing a photoshoot or small video production, you need a background that will suit your needs. Both green screens and white cyc walls are excellent choices, but some people aren’t really sure which will be better for them to use. That’s why we’re bringing you our guide on the differences between green screens and white cyc walls—and yes, there are more distinctions other than just their color.

Green Screens

Obviously, green screens don’t get used for what they naturally bring to the table. Green is rarely a suitable background for pictures or short clips. Instead, they get heavy usage in the media industry due to their ability to layer in whatever environment you desire in post-production.

Whether you want a moving background or something that you can’t reasonably produce in the real world, green screens make the impossible possible. The reason for this is because green is distinctly different from most people’s skin, hair, eyes, and even a majority of wardrobes, which will lead to fewer issues for editors. Also, most green screens use a single wall and floor piece that curves to give a smooth transition.

White Cyc Walls

On the other side of things, we have white cyc walls. These consist of two wall pieces and a floor that are all curved together. This is what gives them their “infinite” look that they’re so well known for.

While post-production effects are still possible on a white background, it’s more complicated than with a green screen, which is why people use these for simpler pieces of media that focus more on a simple person or product. Despite that, you can still use real-world lighting effects to spice up the background and give it some color in case white is too plain for your needs.

Which You Should Use

Even though each has its own versatilities, the differences between green screens and white cyc walls aren’t something you can simply ignore and make do with. That’s why green screens are more commonly used in video production, while white cyc walls are better for photoshoots. If you have been using a green screen for your picture work and are interested in getting a cyc wall kit of your own, you’ll want to peruse our selection to find the setup that will work best for your next production.

Feb 29 2024