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Most cycs, even when properly lit, tend to have problems with seams showing between the wall and cove. Pro Cyc doesn’t have those problems. I think Pro Cyc is the fastest, easiest, and by far the best hard cyc for today’s virtual reality software and hardware.
Ron Ungerman
Manager, Hardware Support - Ultimatte

Pro Cyc makes it very easy to put in a cyclorama. Our general contractor didn’t have any trouble installing our built-in cyc. The Pro Cyc staff was helpful with timely support, supplying detailed drawings and answering our technical questions. I’m extremely pleased with our Pro Cyc.
Andy Czarnecki
Senior Sports Director - Cox TeleVideo

Our four Pro Cycs have been real workhorses. They are virtually maintenance-free and that’s important when you run a 24/7 all-live cable shopping network. Pro Cycs provide beautiful consistent backgrounds that are easy to light.
Don Keith
Director of Broadcast Design - QVC

We needed a small scale, green screen solution to deliver professional looking eBay® product shots and photographs for our clients. After many searches for photo tent boxes and photo light boxes, we found the MyStudio® portable photo studio to be the best all around solution for our needs.
Shawn Schulte
Project Manager - The Image Adjusters

The Pro Cyc cove system has been the most useful and versatile tool in our office studio. It is used on a consistent basis for company training, marketing, and digital photography. It has also been a superb tool for use as a set for church videos, interviews, and world mission productions. After having looked at many other products of this nature, I have found that Pro Cyc's ease of installation, customer and product support, and quality have been outstanding.
Trey Nash
Video/Graphics Technician - Paradigm Engineering

We put the cyc up ourselves and found the instructions and help we received from Pro Cyc made the task doable. The people at Procyc were great to talk to and work with. They cared about our project and I felt they wanted it to turn out right as much as we did. Being a production company we had people that know how to work with dry wall and construct things, so the structure was straight forward. We have had the cyc up for a couple of years now and it is an essential part of our studio.
Doug Miller
Director of Photography - Coastal Training Technologies