Chroma key

Chroma key work is a core part of the business for all media professionals. Just about every kind of production uses chroma key in some form. Pro Cyc has everything you need for chroma key work, including Photoshop and all kinds of video production equipment that will help you get the job done.

We stock everything that you could ask for, including:

  • Chroma key sets, for customizing your production set exactly the way you want. We have a complete range of sets including portable screens and accessories, and a truly vast range of other products to provide top quality technical support for your production.
  • Chroma key screens, with a wide range of selections in chroma key backdrops andchroma key backgrounds, for a complete solution to your needs.
  • Our high quality chroma key blue screen, designed to provide the perfect blue screen background for your video or photo production needs.
  • Green Chroma key background, the classic green screens for midrange lighting with perfect synchronization of imagery.
  • Chroma key paint- Our all in one/primer included Virtual Green Screen Chroma key paint is the latest on the market, eliminating the need for multiple coats and providing a faithfully consistent surface to ensure best quality Chroma key results. This paint cuts out the hard labor and delivers the color values you need. We also have bonding materials and everything else you need, a one-stop solution for Chroma key painting.

Get everything you need for your production with us

Pro Cyc’s range of media production products gives you all the options when you’re looking for new materials or need to stock up for a full-scale project. We can help with any kind of Cyclorama, for example, using the latest innovative technology to create smooth, easy to manage settings. Our Cyclorama sets are easy to assemble, durable and state of the art in professional settings.

Pro Cyc Services

We can also provide all the services you need. Our experts can assist with all aspects of your production setup, technical advice and friendly know-how when you need it. We also have our Ask Fritz feature on our website which will provide you with an experienced and knowledgeable expert who can assist with any problem and explain our solutions clearly and helpfully.

We work with you from the start. You can use our request a quote form to map out what you need, tell us about any issues you have, and we’ll do the rest. You’ll get fast results and expert guidance for all your needs.

Buying from Pro Cyc

You can buy many items online at our store:

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Delivery is within 4-6 business days.