Brainstorm selects Pro Cyc PC80 Portable Green Screen for NAB 2022 Advanced XR Virtual Production Workflow

Brainstorm Mixes Pro Cyc Chroma Key and LED virtual production walls showcasing advanced XR workflows at NAB 2022

Brainstorm integrated the Pro Cyc PC80 portable chroma key screen with a fixed camera and lighting into their studio at NAB2022. The talent was seamlessly integrated in the virtual set displayed on the XR LED walls, demonstrating that both chroma key greens screens and LED virtual production screens can co-exist and work together.

At NAB Show Brainstorm introduced its new Suite 5, the latest version of the company’s flagship products InfinitySet, Aston and eStudio, demonstrating new and advanced XR tools and workflows for virtual and extended reality productions using LED walls.


“When we think about chroma sets, we think of Pro Cyc. Not only have we had an extensive and fluid relationship between our companies, but Pro Cyc products have always excelled in providing an excellent chroma set for any virtual production, to our knowledge. The quality of the products and the professionalism of the Pro Cyc team is a guarantee for success in any setup, large or small”

Miguel Churruca, Marketing and Communications Director, BrainStorm




Pro Cyc has created a line of professional grade modular portable green screens for users who want the the high quality results with quick setup / take down time.

These portable green screen backgrounds are often used for on-location shoots, studio virtual set extensions and temporary projects such as for events.

The Pro Cyc PC80 Portable Green Screen includes:

  • Two custom modified American Grip heavy duty junior stands with safety cables*
  • 80in. proprietary powder coated aluminum crossbar
  • 80in. x 24ft. seamless strip of Pro Matte™ IV
  • 1 roll of no-residue double faced tape



The Pro Cyc PC range of portable green screens can be scaled up in increments of 80 inches in width.

The PC80 shown here is 80 inches (6 ft. 8 in.) wide, the PC160 is 160 inches (13 ft. 4 in.) wide and the PC240 is nearly 20 ft. wide. Larger configurations are possible by contacting Pro Cyc directly. Pro Matte™ IV chroma key flooring material is extremely durable, has very low reflectance and is easily cleaned with standard household cleaners like Fantastik®, 409® or regular soap and water.

In addition to the height being adjustable, the length can also be trimmed to fit any size studio or space requirement.When finished, the green screen disassembles and stores quickly for the next use.  The product comes with and without stands as options.


Contact us via phone at (503) 723-7448 7:30AM-4:00PM PST or via the email form online.


May 27 2024