Benefits of Using a Green Screen in Your Studio

Whether you’re planning a large-scale movie or doing a smaller-scale production, green screens are becoming the norm for filming sets. While some people may look at this as laziness, there are so many benefits of using a green screen in your studio that it simply wouldn’t make any sense not to use them in some capacity. That’s why we’re going over the top advantages with you in this blog post.

Turns Pre-Production Into Post-Production

Before the use of green screens, movies had much longer pre-production times. Set dressing takes a long time, especially when your props have intricate details. Now that your team can handle all these finer points on a computer during post, you can get to the filming process much faster. This shortens the overall time needed to make a movie.

Eliminates the Need To Travel

There’s another big time saver when it comes to green screens. If you need one scene filmed in a barren desert and the next in a tropical rainforest, you no longer need to travel the world to get those shots. You can do all of it in front of some green screens and bring those parts of our beloved planet to you.

Unlocks Creative Potential

Of course, not all movies these days look like they take place on Earth. Green screens make it easier than ever to film in whichever medium you choose. You also don’t have physical barriers limiting you. If you have a team of designers who are creative enough, you can use green screens to bring your wildest fantasies to life as realistically as technology allows.

Easy To Use and Change

Moving pieces around for the current scene or switching to the next one can be a hassle when you have an actual set. However, if you use green screens, then you don’t have to change much around. Even when you do need to shift things, you can get portable green screens and stands that make set changes a breeze.

Easier on the Overall Budget

The budget is one of the main things that all filmmakers worry about when making a movie. While CGI costs a lot to do correctly, most people overlook the money that it saves as well, which is why this is the final benefit of using a green screen in your studio.

Everything we’ve previously mentioned—pre-production, travel, long shoots—costs money. When you use green screens to eliminate those expenses, you actually help your budget significantly. You can now use the money that you would have spent on those things elsewhere or just save it altogether.

Feb 29 2024