GS60 Portable Green Screen Background, 60in. wide x 80in. high

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*Note: This product only ships to the US and Canada

The GS60 portable green screen features a 60 inch wide by 80 (6 ft. 8 in.) inch high piece of Pro Matte™ IV chroma key material and a very portable stand to hang it on. It is designed for use primarily as a green screen chroma key background for one person where a complete floor sweep is not needed.  The new GS series of portable green screens enables users to have a professional quality green screen on location or in the studio within minutes.  The accompanying light weight stand comes with its own carrying case and assembles and disassembles easily in about 10 minutes and can be adjust up to 8 ft. in height.  The Pro Matte™ IV that is used as the chroma key background is extremely durable, has very low reflectance and is easily cleaned with standard household cleaners like Fantastik®, 409® or regular soap and water.  When finished, the green screen disassembles and stores quickly for the next use.

The GS60 Portable Green Screen includes:

- light weight portable aluminum stand with carrying case and phillips screwdriver for assembly

- 60in. x 80in. seamless piece of Pro Matte™ IV green screen material

- four background clamps