Extra 5000K Light Bar for MS32 Photo Studio

Price :

The MyStudio® MS32XLB extra light bar includes two extra powder coated aluminum crossbars, two fluorescent lamps* and two 18-inch 5000K “daylight” fluorescent bulbs, plus the necessary hardware to add a second complete light bar to your MS32 Tabletop Photo Studio, MS20DEL Deluxe Photo Studio, and the MS32LK lighting kit.  The extra light doubles the overall light output of the MS32 lighting system and provides an extra two-thirds to one and one-third stop of light, depending on the position of your product.  This is helpful in allowing faster shutter speeds, greater depth of field and helps create an overall whiter background in your photos.

*NOTE: MyStudio® light fixtures are 110V.  if you live outside the US in a country that uses 220V/240V you will need to add a voltage converter.