AL1 Single Bulb 5000K Accent Light

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The MyStudio®  AL1 standalone accent light with a single continuous 5000K color balanced “daylight” fluorescent bulb is designed for use with any MyStudio® complete photo studio kit or seamless cyclorama background.  Accent lights can add additional light from any direction, including front, side and backlighting.  Because they can be positioned vertically or horizontally and from any direction, you have the ultimate in control.

We highly recommend using a pair of accent lights rather than just one in order to have maximum lighting control and balance.

Use accent lights to add:

  1. 1.) additional light from the front
  2. 2.) rim lighting from one or both sides (2 accent lights needed)
  3. 3.) back lighting
  4. 4.) any other way you see fit - get creative!

*NOTE: MyStudio® light fixtures are 110V.  if you live outside the US in a country that uses 220V/240V you will need to add a voltage converter.