MSJ1 12pc Jewelry Kit

Price :
2 - 3$89.95
4 - Unlimited$79.95

Jewelry is one of the most challenging types of products to photograph, yet a good photo of your piece of jewelry can make a significant difference in how interested buyers are and just how much they are willing to pay.  Simply put, if you are trying to make the most money possible from the sale of your jewelry, you MUST have excellent photos.  This 12 piece Jewelry Kit from MyStudio® was created for just that purpose - to assist you in taking professional looking photos of your jewelry. 

The MSJ1 Jewelry Kit was designed primarily to work with the MyStudio® MS20 Tabletop Photo Studio, but it will work well with any other setup as long as you have full spectrum lighting and (preferably) a seamless background like the one included with the MS20.  (**NOTE: if you are interested in both the MS20 tabletop photo studio AND the jewelry kit, see the MS20J which includes the MS20 Photo Studio, the MSJ1 Jewelry Kit and a bonus lightweight tripod.

The following 12 items are included in the jewelry kit (all items pictured in the first photo - the other photos with jewelry are for sample purposes only):

  • 1 - 9.5" x 11.75" Reflective White Acrylic Panel
  • 1 - 9.5" x 11.75" Reflective Black Acrylic Panel
  • 2 - 9" x 12" Black Bounce Cards w/ easel backs
  • 1 - White Necklace Stand
  • 1 - Black Necklace Stand
  • 1 - White Earring Stand
  • 1 - Black Earring Stand
  • 1 - White Bracelet Holder
  • 1 - Black Bracelet Holder
  • 1 - Clear Acrylic Watch Stand
  • White Jewelry Positioning/Holding Wax (6 one-inch squares)

If you are looking for an inexpensive yet comprehensive aid to your jewelry photography, look no further and order your MyStudio® MSJ1 Jewelry Kit today.