VS36 Versa Sweep Table Top Photo Studio 36" x 72"

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The MyStudio® VS36LED is the second largest compact photo studio available from Pro Cyc, Inc.‘s MyStudio® division, and is now outfitted with a 48-inch ultra bright LED light bar.  With a 36” x 72” seamless white background, it is now possible to take great photos of larger items than was previously possible with the smaller MyStudio® tabletop photo studios.  The VS36 provides all of the same benefits and features as the smaller MS20 and MS32 photo studio kits, just on a larger scale. The 5000K continuous "daylight" LED lighting system features an individually adjustable light which can be rotated to 3 different angles for maximum lighting flexibility. The large light source provides a powerful yet soft, even light that is perfect for product photography.

Additionally, the VS36LED comes with two 16" x 20" white bounce card reflectors with easel backs that can be independently positioned to reflect light onto your product from different angles. Our YouTube page features a video with complete setup instructions along with a number of in-depth tutorials that will help you get the most from your VS36LED and take your product photography to the next level. The MyStudio® VS36 features a large (36 in. wide by 72 in. long) seamless white background made from a specially formulated polystyrene that provides a smooth, seamless white background with extremely low reflectance which minimizes unwanted hotspots and reflections. Moreover, if a different background color is desired, the VS36LED can accommodate any color seamless photographic background paper. Simply cut a 36” x 72” piece from any roll of photographic background paper and clip it on over the white background with the provided same clips that are used to hold on the white background to the cross bar. It is that easy. No additional stands or accessories are necessary and you can have an unlimited number of colored backgrounds.



  • 36” x 72” seamless white background is lightweight, durable and ensures minimum reflectance
  • includes two 16" x 20" white reflective bounce cards which can be individually positioned for different lighting effects and enhancements

  • Ultra bright 5000K continuous LED lighting system provides continuous soft and even light over a broad area

  • Swiveling light fixture can be individually set at three different angles for maximum lighting flexibility

  • Made in the USA


Typical Users:

  • individuals or businesses who need to take professional looking photos of small to medium size products (up to approx 24 in. tall and 24"-28" wide)
  • schools, art institutes and graphic designers

  • e-commerce companies who need a reliable way to take consistently great photos of their products with minimal effort

  • users who need to ability to shoot on multiple color backgrounds, especially those with products that are white or very light in color and do not show up well on a white background