MyStudio VS53 Versa Sweep Tabletop Studio

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Now : $999.00

*This product ships to the US, Canada and Europe only.

The MyStudio® VS53 VersaSweep is the largest compact photo studio available from Pro Cyc, Inc.‘s MyStudio® division, which has become synonymous with the best personal product photography studios available on the market.  With a 53” x 96” seamless white background, it is now possible to take great photos of larger items than was previously possible with the smaller MyStudio® photo studios.  The VS53 provides all of the same benefits and features as the smaller MS20 and MS32 photo studio kits, just on a larger scale.  A fully adjustable 5000K continuous “daylight” fluorescent lighting system features two individually adjustable 48 inch lights which can be individually set at 3 different angles for maximum lighting flexibility.  Each light fixture holds two bulbs for a total four 48 inch fluorescent bulbs (included) to provide plenty of lighting power.  The large light source provides a soft, even light that is perfect for product photography.  Additionally, the VS53 comes with two MyStudio® AL2 Dual Bulb Accent Lights to provide even more lighting flexibility allowing the photographer to create an unlimited amount of lighting scenarios from backlighting and rim lighting to high contrast and many other lighting configurations.

The MyStudio® VS53 features a large (53 in. wide by 96 in. long) seamless white background made from a specially formulated polystyrene that provides a smooth, seamless white background with extremely low reflectance which minimizes unwanted hotspots and reflections.  Moreover, if a different background color is desired, the VS53’s 53 inch width was designed specifically to perfectly accommodate seamless photographic background paper which is manufactured in 53 inch wide rolls.  Simply cut an approximately 96 in. long piece from any roll of photographic background paper and clip it on over the white background with the provided clips.  It is that easy.  No additional stands or accessories are necessary. 

The frame of the VS53 is constructed of lightweight, sturdy powder coated aluminum that is made in the USA and designed to provide a solid framework for this innovative photo studio.  Although it is still considered a tabletop photo studio, customers will need a table or space that is approximately 5 feet wide and 7 feet long to accommodate the entire photo studio once it has been completely assembled.  The VS53 can also be easily disassembled and reassembled within approximately 15-20 minutes if the photo studio is needed at a different location.  All of the factors listed above make the MyStudio® VS53 VersaSweep a comprehensive solution for customers and product photographers looking for a professional setup that requires a fraction of the space, not to mention a fraction of the expense, that a full photography studio would require.  And as with all MyStudio® products, our knowledgeable staff is always available to answer questions or provide suggestions on how to get the best results from your MyStudio® photo studio.