MS20DEL Deluxe Photo Studio Kit

Price :
Now : $399.95
40 × 20 × 12 in

*This product ships to the US, Canada and Europe only.

The MyStudio® MS20DEL Deluxe tabletop system doubles the size of your infinity background and dramatically increases the possible shooting angles.  Featuring two MS20CYC cyclorama backgrounds and an extended light stand with additional light, both cycs can be set side-by-side to give you just under four feet of total width to shoot against.  The addition of the extended light stand and second light means you will be able to bathe the entire area with beautiful full-spectrum light with just the flip of a switch. 

The MyStudio® MS20DEL Deluxe system includes:

*NOTE: MyStudio® light fixtures are 110V.  if you live outside the US in a country that uses 220V/240V you will need to add a voltage converter.