System Super 5EZ Built-in Cyc Wall w/ 60 inch Cove

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more images System Super 5EZ corner with vertical components included

System Super 5EZ For Built-In Applications*

The larger the studio, the larger the cyclorama radius should be to ensure consistent lighting and a perfect infinity effect. If you have the space, this is the ultimate in a cyclorama studio system.

The generous 5' radius provides an easy-to-light background in any shooting situation. Cove and corner sections provide smooth gradual transitions.

The 5' radius floor coves combine with a 5' radius in the corner that has a 2' wide flat expansion in the center. This creates a non-parabolic corner that is easier to light and less likely to bounce sound.


  • Corner Module Assembly: 90-degree with a 5' radius and a 2' wide flat expansion in the center
  • Floor Cove Modules: 5' radius x 4' wide
  • Material: Hi-impact ABS Plastic
  • For built-in installations only

Best Uses for System Super 5EZ:

  • Perfect for large studios hosting products such as cars, trucks, etc...
  • Ideal for rental studios
  • If a TV or film studio has the permanent space available, this is the perfect cyc
  • Ideal for any studio with the need to be able to shoot in a variety of lighted settings, from full technical lighting to mood to graded lighting

Typical Users:

  • Television and film production studios
  • Rental Studios
  • Commercial Photographers with adequate studio space
  • Truck and automobile studios

Clients Who Use This Product:

  • Acme Scenery Co.
  • American Muscle
  • Consumers Union Test Center
  • Daylight Productions
  • Dillards
  • Florida State College Jacksonville
  • Immersive Media
  • Indian River Community College
  • Intuitive Surgical
  • iStudiosTV
  • L.A. Prep
  • McKinnon & Harris
  • Media Garden
  • Merit Construction
  • Myers4, LLC
  • NASA
  • NFL Sports
  • Reliable Industries
  • Resolution Digital Studios
  • Scott K. Brown Photography
  • Sharpe Interior Systems
  • Spang TV
  • Tony Martin Photography
  • Troublemaker Studios
  • Turn 5
  • UnReel Digital Film School
  • WEDU Tampa
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more images System Super 5EZ corner with vertical components included


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