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In the world of online retail, studies show that better photos
higher selling prices...
lead to
more sales
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on sales numbers and selling prices...
Before MyStudio®
Conversely, poor, low quality photos have a
negative effect
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MyStudio Taletop Studios were created to help virtually
take professional product photos with ease.
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After MyStudio®
All MyStudio® tabletop
studio kits feature continuous
5000k "daylight" lighting and
professional seamless
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Discover what these companies
and thousands of individuals who
currently use MyStudio®
products already know
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Our complete line of tabletop photo studios and product
photography tools will help you take your photos to the next level
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Get                 MyStudio® and watch

the difference it will make for you!

The importance of a great photo.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but on the internet it is more accurate to say that a picture may be worth a thousand bucks....or more.  Ask any experienced online retailer or ebayer and they will tell you that a great product photo (a well-lighted subject showing great detail against a consistent background) can make a significant difference in whether or not people buy a product, and even more importantly studies have shown that customers are willing to pay more for products with great photos, regardless of what the product is. What is more, given the choice of two identical products from different sources, consumers say they will almost always choose to buy from the seller with the better photos.

With the explosive growth of online retail and sell-it-yourself sites like eBay®, the need for an affordable way to take professional quality photos of small to medium sized products has become critical. Up until this point, the only "solutions" have been various types of flimsy light tents and light boxes. Because of their flat background design and the materials from which they are made, they are extremely limited in their application. The actual field of view for taking photos is also limited, and most still require some technical knowledge of lighting. Enter MyStudio®...

MyStudio® by Pro Cyc is the real solution.

To meet this growing need with a truly professional yet affordable solution, Pro Cyc, the world’s leading manufacturer of modular cyclorama (cyc) walls and infinity background systems is proud to introduce MyStudio®, a revolutionary new line of tabletop photo studios designed specifically for product photography.  They are also particularly effective for jewelry photography.

MyStudio® MS20 in use

Now anyone with just about any camera and a MyStudio® system can take professional quality photographs at any time! Each MyStudio® system comes complete with a lightweight, durable 90° cyclorama or seamless background sweep, full spectrum continuous fluorescent lights, an adjustable high grade aluminum light stand, overhead light reflectors and reflective side “bounce” cards to ensure that your subject is bathed in even and accurate lighting every time. In other words, even if you have little or no experience as a photographer (like the person who took the photos above), you can create fabulous photos on your own in minutes! With MyStudio® table top photo studios, the barrier to professional quality product photography has just been erased. 





Before and After photos with MyStudio®

...everything but the camera.

Designed specifically with the amateur photographer and online retailer in mind, MyStudio® comes with everything you need to produce flawless, professional quality photographs right out of the box, great for eBay® product photography! Just as digital cameras have eliminated the need for film, MyStudio® virtually eliminates the need for expensive lighting and studio backgrounds, not to mention the technical expertise required to operate them. The included color-balanced 5000K fluorescent lights are designed to provide vibrant, true color photographs, and the included light stand, light reflectors and bounce cards ensure that your subject will always be perfectly lighted against the MyStudio® seamless background

MyStudio® MS32 in use


Your very own miniature cyclorama studio.

In essence, each MyStudio® system is a miniature replica of a much larger professional cyclorama photography studio, or "cyc".  While large studios certainly have their place and are necessary for larger applications, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more to build and properly light such a space. The average photographer and online entrepreneur just does not have that kind of budget, nor do they require such a large studio for the majority of their photographic needs. That’s where the MyStudio® portable photo studio comes in. At a fraction of the cost, now anyone can take professional quality photos with almost any camera and very little experience.  If great looking professional photos would help your business in any way, then you can't afford to not have your own MyStudio® system.  These tabletop portable photo studios will literally pay for themselves.


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To place an order online for any of our MyStudio® product photography studios or accessories, please visit our online store.  For special inquiries and assistance regarding the MyStudio® line of products, including bulk or telephone orders, please contact: (615) 832-8540